You know when you’re young and you get a nice sum of money and assume it’ll always be that way? You walk around just SPENDING. All of a sudden people with common sense will decide “I WOULD look good in a pink jumpsuit and Kangol hat here in suburban Ohio”. I remember pulling down $1600 as a fifteen year-old and buying a handheld keyboard with a shoulder strap BECAUSE I COULD. It’s a dangerous feeling.

With X-Men Origins: Wolverine making a nice chunk of dough in its first weekend [and the plummet will be IMMENSE, just you wait], they’re greenlighting sequels and spinoffs like it’s nobody’s business. Even though the typically charismatic Hugh Jackman was rather bland in this most recent film. Even though the character of Wolverine has already exceeded his limit of interesting moments. Even though the REAL summer movies are about to come and hand Gavid Hood’s film its lunch in T-minus two days.

Marvel Studios and their partners at Fox have spendin’ money and man are they going to use it, logic be damned!

Remember Daredevil? The part of Elektra this time will be played by… Deadpool!

Ryan Reynolds is great, a confirmed reader and physical specimen with impeccable comic timing. There’s nothing not to like. In the recent X-film’s first act, his Deadpool provides much needed levity and he looks very good slicing bullets in half. In the film’s second act… ugh. He’s out of pocket until he arrives on the scene barely recognizable and looking like Ghost Rider’s longtime companion. Deadpool as a character is more one-note than Wolverine, yet apparently Fox is keen on beginning to prepare a Deadpool film to go along with the pointless Magneto film they’re planning. Seriously, I own like 250 X-Men comics and I couldn’t want another X-film any less than I do now. Now that I know what happens to toads during lightning, I am sated.

No word on when Nimrod: The Beginning and Lockheed Goes Apeshit will begin development.