cdscIn honor of the upcoming St Patrick’s Day, we at are honored to bring you this bit of complete blarney, which has been sent to us by a reader from the Emerald Isle. It’s the latest full of nonsense rumor about the next Indiana Jones movie.

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While scanning through British/Irish Tabloid the Daily Star there was a story regarding the new Indiana Jones movie. The article claims that:

"Scarlett Johansson will be cast as a sexy new sidekick in the next Indiana Jones movie. The Lost in Translation beauty will link up with ageing star Harrison Ford in the fourth in the series of films.
The 21 year old blonde will be playing Indy’s long lost daughter in the new adventure in which he searches for the legendary "Lost City of Atlantis."

Now as we all know the British tabloids are revered worldwide as a bastion of truth and integrity. So I wouldn’t exactly take this article as fact.

This is a long in gestation production which on last word had George Lucas passing on the script by Frank Darabont due to his mystifying intention to factor more on story, character and suspense than unneccessary CGI.

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Irish Joe

Thanks, Irish Joe. This thing is BS on a lot of levels, not the least of which that, as far as I know, the Lost Continent of Atlantis business is hokum. Of course, that was as far as the Darabont draft went – I do not know for sure if the Jeff Nathanson version has scrapped the original oh so very 1950s element that I understand includes flying saucers.