As most of you know, I’ve been associated (and still am) with the feature adaptation of Steve Alten’s MEG. It’s one of those things that needs to happen, should happen, and will happen. Everything feel RIGHT, script, team, and motivation. When it does get made life will be grand. The birds will chirp louder and the sun will send magnificent rays deeper into your skin in a way that grants you all the sex appeal and none of the cancer appeal.

Hell’s Aquarium is the new book in the series (following Meg, The Trench, and Primal Waters) and it is the best in the series and a truly creature-laden romp that represents all that we need in this cynical and unappreciative world. It revitalizes the story and sends it into really ripe new territory with new creatures and the characters that fans of the series love, and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone as in love with the finer details of how sea creatures eviscerate as Steve. A few times as I was reading it I was like “this is the same fucker who I hear inspirational advice from on a weekly basis?”.

Below is the trailer for the book, created by a great guy and a true talent whose work you’ll be seeing on the big screen before it’s all said and done. If that doesn’t get your blood up I don’t know what will. After checking it out, make sure to enter the contest below.

Better yet, you can be one of the characters in the next MEG book simply by participating in this cool new contest put on by Steve and his publisher, Variance.