What is it with my favorite Canadian ex-comic book folks making their first movies this year?

First, my beloved Troy (Trout, Jenny Finn) Nixey is getting ready to make Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (article here and I can’t say anything else about it for obvious reasons) and now the sharp and luminous Kaare (Spider-Man: Reign, X-Men Unlimited) Andrews has stepped to the fore with the independently produced Altitude, from Escape Factory & Foundation Features & Arclight Films. The film is written by Paul A. Birkett and stars 90210‘s Jessica Lowndes.

I’ve known Kaare a good while and at one time really campaigned to get a couple of his feature ideas made. Luckily, he spent a lot of time honing his craft (he directed a Tegan & Sara video, for example) and taking care of business without my fantastic but in this case useless help. He’s got serious chops and a very strong visual sense and I have little doubt he’ll be a director the readers of this site will dig.

And yes, I’m biased. So would you be if you knew him. I’m biased EVEN THOUGH he made a dick character in his Spider-Man comic a short jerk named Nunziata.

I haven’t read the script but the initial vibe from the promo footage (posted online and misrepresented as actual footage from the film so I won’t link to it) I get is a “Twentysomething Langoliers meets Lovecraft” tale set in the skies. Not so bad, I’d say.

Stay tuned for more as it becomes available, and hopefully we’ll get some exclusive stuff from the man with many vowels.