BRYYYANRumormongering about the upcoming Superman movie is now the top pastime of 1 out of 8 American adults. In fact, there is a magazine starting up that will cater specifically to this group of enthusiasts, Krypton Krap, which will have advice on things like starting your own false rumor, three easy steps to getting your name mentioned in conjunction with Superman casting, and how to get Aint It Cool News to print your scoop claiming that Lois Lane will be played by Al Pacino.

Speaking of AICN, they sat down with director (as of right now – check back in an hour. This job is more volatile than being in the Italian government) Bryan Singer, who cleared up some stuff…

Where do you stand right with casting SUPERMAN? Is it really going to be called SUPERMAN RETURNS?

That’s strictly a working title. But it is a return story. It puts the
first films in a kind of vague history. So what it doesn’t do is tread
over the 1978 Richard Donner film, it doesn’t tread over "Smallville."
It elaborates on the existence of Superman in the world in a history.
He’s out of the culture and then he returns.

Capone: Will you be using footage from the other films?

(Long pause) It’s possible. There’s an introduction sequence that may
or may not involve something like that, but not in the way you might be

Is there any truth to the reports that you have a deadline to lock in
the main cast or Warner Bros. will step in a do it for you?

No, that’s absurd. I read that too and think it’s just bizarre about
James Caviezel, who’s a wonderful actor. But, no, I’m committed to
casting an unknown.

So asking you what that unknown might be would be pointless, because we
probably would not have heard of this person, right?

B.S.: Right.

Singer also talked about his new medical drama on Fox and his adaptation of Logan’s Run, as well as his take on X3. Go to AICN for the rest.