If every era receives the hero we deserve, then what does that say for the era of Dancing With The Stars?  This here magazine cover does not bode well for the re-badass-ification of America:




Whereas most comic book covers attempt to depict a Wolverine who can’t wait to rip shit up, Hugh Jackman and his photographers have brought us a Wolverine who can’t wait to stare longingly into your eyes — as long as you’re a hot guy. 



Open letter to Hugh Jackman: 


You’re a talented guy and even in action films, there’s plenty of hope for you yet.  But please keep the following in mind:  We all know you like to sing and dance.  It’s well-established.  Just beware when that persona starts seeping into your action movies.  Clint did a musical too, but he did his with Lee Marvin, and even then, those two guys knew not to get the chocolate in the peanut butter.  Comprende?



Obviously I’m going to end up seeing this Wolverine movie, mostly because I see everything anyway.  Otherwise it’s due less to the promise of true badassery than to the general promise that comes with a Benioff script.  Read City Of Thieves yet?  It’s in paperback now – here’s your chance!  Great story.



As far as that May 1st opening day goes, though, I’ll be starting instead with The Limits Of Control.  Jarmusch is hit-and-miss for me personally, but when he hits it’s as great as Ghost Dog.  Or that short film with the RZA and the GZA and Bill Murray from Coffee & Cigarettes which is one of the greatest overall things ever achieved by man on this earth.  Let’s end on an up note, won’t we: