Ahmet Katıksız


July 6, 2021




Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Alina Boz, Kubilay Aka, Ece Yüksel, Mert Yazıcıoğlu


One of the most challenging things about being a teenager is finding a way to fit in while being yourself. A large part of Netflix’s “Love 101” success may be attributed to this widely understandable problem.

Ms. Burcu, a compassionate teacher, is portrayed in the play as being the last hope for a group of five high school students who are brought together in detention to avoid expulsion. When Ms. Burcu announces her departure, the kids concoct a plan to make her find love with the basketball coach, Kemal, while also trying to stay out of trouble.

We must wait and see how the news that Ms. Burcu was manipulated by her pupils into having a new connection with basketball coach Kemal would impact their future interactions together. When it comes to the “core five” troublemakers, Ms. Burcu has consistently advocated more forgiving. Finding out that her love was concocted by the kids might, however, alter everything.

There will be repercussions for the core five’s disobedience, of course. Instead of apologizing, the kids violated the school’s rigorous punishment system in the show’s conclusion. Expulsion has always been a possibility for the pupils, and it seems that it will become more probable in Season 2.

Significant questions have been raised by the program, but they’ve been left unaddressed thus far. After seeing flashbacks of Isik and Eda in their younger years, the program has hinted that something terrible may have happened to the group, which caused them to split up after high school. We may learn more about what occurred in Season 2 if that’s the case.