Santiago Menghini


No One Gets Out Alive will be available on Netflix on September 29th. It will be another hit horror series.




Moronke Akinola, Jeff Mirza, Vala Noren, Marc Menchaca, Mitchell Mullen, David Barrera, Victoria Alcock, Joana Borja, Ioana Barbu, David Figlioli, Pepa Duarte, Alejandro Akara, Jose Palma, Baba Oyejide, Cheherezade Okotaka Ebale, Cristina Rodlo


An immigrant came to the United States after caring for her ailing mother in Mexico for many years. While there, she gets a job for cash in an old, run-down board home. When weird things start to happen in the house, she begins to fear for her life.

Netflix official synopsis:

After years of caring for her terminally sick mother in Mexico, Cristina Rodlo’s character, Ambar (Cristina Rodeo), starts on the American Dream. When she comes to Cleveland illegally, she has very little money and inadequate clothes for what is predicted to be the coldest winter on record in the city.