Jeff Fowler


The movie Sonic Hedgehog 2 will be released on 8th April 2022.




Sonic is ready for more independence. According to the story synopsis, Doctor Robotnik returns with Knuckles to find an emerald to create and destroy civilizations. A quest to locate the emerald is undertaken by Sonic and Tails.


Blue Hedgehog is back to entertain the audience, some amazing characters are back to make the film more awesome.

To escape Dr. Robotnik, Sonic must utilize his rings to go to another world. But while hiding in the shed, Sonic lost the rings when he was confronted by Tom (James Marsden).

As a result of Tom’s willingness to assist Sonic on a road journey to San Francisco, dodging Dr. Robotnik’s drone army along the way to utilize Sonic’s “exceptional” strength in his drones, Dr. Robotnik wants to capture Sonic for him.

Sonic and Dr. Robotnik face up in the last showdown at the end of the episode. With the portals created by Sonic’s rings, Dr. Robotnik pursues Sonic throughout the globe using one of Sonic’s quills.

Tom saves Sonic after Dr. Robotnik seems to have beaten him in Green Hills. A supercharged Sonic uses one of his rings to create a mushroom world portal to destroy Dr. Robotnik’s spacecraft before the portal shuts, pushing him through.

But even though he has no money or materials, he still has Sonic’s quill and vows to get “home before Christmas.”

The great pleasure for fans is the second scene, which brings us back to Green Hills, where the film was filmed. Tails leap out of the ring portal as if he’d been following Sonic there when the ring portal opens.

“According to these readings, he is here. He was located. Hoping to be able to make there in time.” He then takes off to meet Sonic, assuming that’s what’s going to happen.

Sonic and Tails will likely rejoin to take on whatever Tails think he will be too late to stop before it’s too late. Were they formerly acquainted? As a way to flesh in their history, a sequel might flashback to their childhoods.

There, Tom and Maddie (Tika Sumpter) welcome Sonic, and the US government chooses to let him live in peace, deleting all evidence of their work with Dr. Robotnik.

While on the mushroom world 87 days later, the opening credits sequence catches up with Dr. Robotnik in his video game-like attire.