Andy Serkis


15th October 2022.




Serkis revealed a bit more about the storyline of the film in his analysis of the trailer, saying: “When it comes to their relationship, they’ve reached the “Odd Couple” stage. Since the previous tale, they’ve been together for about a year and a half, if I remember correctly. Also, they’re learning how to be together. I feel like I’m living with an uncontrollable child.”

“Eddie is really suffering,” Serkis said, “and Venom feels imprisoned since he can’t leave Eddie’s body without his consent.” In the end, Venom: Let There Be Carnage will also be about Eddie and Venom’s continuing battles.

This is in keeping with Matt Tolmach’s earlier statements that the sequel would concentrate on Eddie and Venom’s connection (via CinemaBlend.) When it comes to Venom, Eddie and Venom’s connection has always been at its core.

According to producer Avi Arad, despite the more considerable ensemble and, in particular, more villains, the film will not be R-rated. “When you hear the word Carnage, all you can think of is the letter R. There’s no R here if you know his narrative, if you know the comic well “he said to

“He’s a tormented soul, and he’s not alone. No matter what he does, the blood pours. Why do you want to do this?