The 1st season of CHAIR will be released on 20th August, 2021


In The Chair, Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim (Sandra Oh) is thrust into the Chair of a failing English department at the renowned Pembroke University, characterized as a “dramedy.” Especially as the first woman to lead the department and one of the few people of color on campus, Ji-Yoon has a lot on her plate. Professor Joan Hambling (Holland Taylor), her close friend and confidante, is a humorous, no-nonsense figure who helps her cope with the rigors of her new position.

The Chair is a fascinating binge-watch that you won’t want to miss. Peet skillfully creates a universe filled with character, humor, and compassion in only six 30-minute episodes. It’s impossible not to be entertained by this group of people, whether they’re cracking jokes or breaking down. Each episode cleverly ends with a cliffhanger that makes you want to carry on watching the rest of the series. Storylines are filled with snafus that will not all be addressed by the end of the film. This is less disappointing than hopeful since it suggests that this outstanding Netflix series will be renewed for a second season. A second viewing of The Chair is a must, given everything else this program has to offer.