Frank Darabont


Morgan Freeman (Ellis Boyd Redding), Tim Robbins(Andy Dufresne), Bob Gunton (Warden Norten), William Sadler (Heywood)


Crime Fiction/Friendship


The Shawshank Redemption is a 1994 film, and it is a story of the greatest security jail in Maine holding experiences of different detainees’ persistence and gives a feeling of hope under the most troublesome of conditions. This masterpiece was nominated for Oscar too. The film recounts the tale of banker Andy Dufresne during his time in Shawshank’s Prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. One would believe that this film is based explicitly on a string that tends to the quest for demonstrating his innocence but actually, this isn’t the case. This masterpiece clarifies the difficulties, growth, and potential results of reclamation, achievement, and disappointment while investigating the idea of freedom through the eyes of various detainees.


Well, I have always been into trending movies. The hype of rating and everything in this era is what pushes us to select movies. It is our family ritual that every weekend when all of my uncles’ and aunts’ families gather up we end up watching a movie. One day, my uncle played this movie and I was not happy, as it seemed boring at the start. I would like to mention here that if you have not watched a movie, you should not spoil it because that’s what I have realized in the case of “The Shawshank Redemption”.

When it ended, the sum of what I had was the satisfaction of watching this timeless dramatization and a grin all over. It’s an old film, yet no matter how many times you watch it, you’re going to cherish it. The friendship of Andy and Red makes this film one out of many. The movie revolves around Andy, who was imprisoned for killing his wife and her lover. He meets Red, who can get anything for anyone which is an extraordinary job in jail films. He requests Red to give him a hammer, an instrument he guarantees is vital for his leisure activity of rock gathering and chiselling. Despite the fact that different detainees think about Andy as a truly distant person, Red considers him special. Andy continues to compose letters and following six years gets $200 from the state for the library. Andy starts to teach those prisoners who need to get their diploma recognition. There was a scene when Andy plays some Italian music on record and everyone gets lost in the beauty of music for a while that scene also nailed it.

Both these buddies save each other eventually. Andy saves Red’s spirit, which was calloused from jail life. Also, Red saved Andy, encouraging him for whatever he had to think about jail life.


The miseries of prisoners like the cruelty of warden, sexual assault, violence and killings, and all the oppression there make us go through the saddest emotions. This movie is so underrated, and I was sad that it did not receive the success it deserved.

There is a scene in which he moves through 500 yards of a sewer pipe loaded up with dung. This was so emotional scene when he finally manages to escape from this oppressive life.

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Andy inspired the detainees that freedom is a state of mind and freedom comes from inside through one’s own inner self. This inward life is powered by our capacity to seek after what is significant and to appreciate what brings us satisfaction. Andy’s inward life was created through his capacity to unmistakably characterize his main purpose for existing through his connections, hobbies, and talent as a monetary counsel. For Andy, his own internal life development caused him to suffer and adjust to the brutality of jail and earn enough to support himself while additionally following his spatial opportunity fantasies about getting away and living in Zihuatanejo.

Well, I totally respect the reviews and critiques but for me, this is one of the most inspirational movies ever. Especially the hope that led Andy to escape after enduring so many hardships after twenty years. The lesson is we should not let the darkness consume us no matter how much life seems hopeless.