For Tori Vega, played by Victoria Justice in the 2010-2013 hit Nickelodeon show Victorious, most problems could be solved by her singing talent and help from her group of performing arts friends.

Need a good birthday present? Drop a hit single that can later be sold on the soundtrack to the show, a must listen for fans of classic Pop.  Need to pay for an expensive dinner when no one is there to pay the check? Tori Vega has that worked out, she sung her way out of it.

What if you couldn’t sing though? In the film Gantz 0, a group of people who don’t know each other have to face an alien game of death where the only answer is to kill and last till the end.  Some of them have no prior battle experience and part of the fun is watching them deal with such an ominous situation. Unlike the perfect world where Tori is able to use her skill to get out of trouble and make life easier for her friends, Gantz 0 shows an unforgiving situation rain down on our protagonists.

When you win the game of Gantz you have 3 options: Play on with power ups,  go back to the life you had prior, or revive someone. After her time as Victoria’s friend Kat Valentine, the “Rain on Me” singer Arianna Grande definitely choose the option to play on with power ups.  As she went from doing the spin off show, Sam & Kat, to slowing building to one the most powerful Pop stars on the planet. Ironically the very thing Tori Vega was on track to become.

Could there have been a secret game of Gantz between the Victorious crew that led to the rise of Arianna Grande in true real world?


Both Gantz 0 & Victorious are available now on Netflix.