Hey, Chewers!

Before we dive into today’s episode, we have a question for you.

In two weeks, The Lobster expands nationwide. But X-Men: Apocalypse comes out that weekend, too. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! Which would you rather hear reviewed on the podcast? Leave us a comment below or tweet @thedrewreviews to let us know.

Now, without further ado, we bring you another listener-requested episode: Watchmen!


Who spoils The Watchmen? Nobody. The statute of limitations is up.


Repulsion on IMDb

Weird Weekend Watch: Altered States

Horace and Pete on LouisCK.net

‘Horace and Pete is Painful, Required Viewing’ by Nick Nunziata

Treat Williams being a real treat in The Phantom

Watchmen on IMDb

Next week’s show will focus on The Nice Guys!

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