Hey, Chewers!

For the 77th episode of The Drew Reviews Podcast, the main topic is the bizarre comedy bomb Mom and Dad Save the World. Enjoy!


Mom and Dad Save the World — Because it came out in 1992, we hereby declare that the spoiler statute of limitations has passed, and offer no further spoiler warnings.


Carol on IMDb

Anomalisa on IMDb

The Light at the End by John Skipp and Craig Spector on Amazon

David J. Schow, splatterpunk author and screenwriter on IMDb

Bad Moon on IMDb

The Wolf from Bad Moon

Thor by Wayne Smith on Amazon

Mom and Dad Save the World on IMDb

Deleted Scene from Mom and Dad Save the World

Jon Lovitz Interview on A.V. Club

Teri Garr Interview on A.V. Club

Weird Watch: Highway to Hell by Ryan Covey on Fandom

Next week’s show will focus on The Invitation or A Scanner Darkly!

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