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Where do I even start?

“The Reverse-Flash Returns” has so many insanely big moments that it’s hard to focus in on everything. I think I’ll start off with probably my favorite thing which was Patty figuring out The Flash’s identity. I was bummed last week that the episode didn’t come to that point, but it looks like I was just one episode behind! I really like Patty Spivot and I’m bummed to lose her, but I’m hoping that it gives the latter half of the season more room to focus on the bigger picture. I liked how the writers were able to tie in letting go of Patty to Barry needing to let go of his hatred of the Reverse-Flash (even though he did forgive him earlier in the season, but whatever).

And man, the Reverse-Flash was great! It’s kind of clear now that season two of The Flash, even if it sticks the landing, just isn’t going to have the same level of emotional strength as the first season did, and a lot of that has to do with how personal the rivalry with Eobard Thawne was/is. The scenes between him and Barry this week were all top notch and I sincerely hope that this isn’t the last time we get to see that yellow suit.

Another huge moment came with Cisco getting his superhero attire this week; the Vibe visor was very cool and now we have a character that can see into the future! You know that’s gonna come in handy. I also really like how Cisco and Harry are warming to each other in a combative sort of way. Seeing Harry get visibly upset when Cisco was fading out of existence was one of the best Harry moments in the season so far.

Not so great this week is the ongoing story of the Wests. I hate to sound callous but I’m just ready for Wally to be part of the gang. This stuff with Francine (though understandably unavoidable in a narrative way) feels like filler. Although it is important for the Wests (and Candice Patton does a terrific job this week), it’s got this sluggish quality to it that doesn’t gel with the rest of the show’s well-paced plots.

But man oh man, the most important reveal this week was one that was played off like nothing. Jay Garrick’s presence has finally made sense because it’s all been leading to the reveal of Zoom’s identity. Yes, I’m pretty sure the show just revealed who Zoom is: Jay Garrick’s Earth 1 counterpart. While passive viewers may not take any notice of the name Hunter Zolomon, that is straight up Zoom’s identity in the comics. I’m now very intrigued to see how Hunter Zolomon becomes Zoom, but is it fair to say I’m disappointed for the time being? The theories of Zoom being a resurrected Eddie Thawne, Henry Allen from Earth 2, or even Barry’s Earth 2 doppelganger were a lot more thrilling. I’m hoping that now with Zoom’s identity out in the open (unless this is a brilliant bit of misdirection, which I want to pray it is but I believe it isn’t),  the big bad of season two will start to come into focus a lot more.

Favorite moment: I’m a sucker for flying punches, so the Reverse-Flash launching himself at Barry was a highlight, though I’m a little tempted to give it to Matt Letscher’s spittle on that cell window. So much acting!

Unfavorite moment: Nothing that stuck out like a sore thumb this week, other than the West family drama I mentioned above.

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