I didn’t like Spectre. Even before I saw the movie, I was already put off by the Sam Smith title song, “Writing’s On the Wall.” It lacked the kick and edge that I know from the more beloved Bond songs. At the time, I had wished that Radiohead had gotten a shot at the title song. Turns out they did.

And it’s even worse than Smith’s listless number, and I say this as a bonafide Radiohead fan. If Smith’s song was sleepy and unmotivated, Radiohead’s “Spectre” is a corpse frozen in carbonite. I’m sure someone is already splicing together this song with the hentai-inspired opening titles of Spectre, but I can’t see it fitting in at all with Bond on any level. As a Radiohead jam it’s decent but unmemorable, but as one of the themes for the greatest secret agent who ever lived, it’s a piddling waste.

I guess that would actually make it more appropriate for Spectre. Ya burnt, Spectre!

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