ghostbusters paul feig

There they are. The badass women that are ruining so many whiny fanboys’ childhoods. While I’m not expecting Paul Feig’s reboot of Ghostbusters to be an earth-shattering success as far as the material is concerned (last I’ve heard, the script has some serious third act problems), I’m feeling pretty good when it comes to the four leads. This picture looks fun and, I hate to sound like a chauvinist pig, but some of these ladies are getting me a little hot under the collar. I’m a sucker for a woman in a boiler suit.

There’s a little bit of fan-service going on in the background it looks like, with a mural depicting a large building with some lightning going on around the top. Is that a depiction of Dana Barrett’s apartment building from the first film? I’m wondering how many Easter eggs Feig will be dropping into this new movie.

I’m still reserving a lot of my judgment for the first trailer, but I like the attitude this first look provides us with. We’re all going into this movie with more nostalgia backlash than we’re lobbing at Star Wars, so I’m willing to give this thing the benefit of the doubt until it unquestionably proves it doesn’t deserve that.

…Also, if anyone can get me Kate McKinnon’s phone number, I promise I’ll only call her up and mouth-breathe at her once. Just once!

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