I was going to go all Umberto Gonzalez on this and dress up in a suit and film a video, but if this turns out to be 100% wrong, I wouldn’t want to look like a sillypants for the rest of Internet history. So, I’ll stick with a simple text post and a “grain of salt” warning.

The Wrap reports that Marvel really wants to nab Kurt Russell for the role of Peter Quill’s pappy. According to The Wrap, “Marvel has not officially offered Russell the coveted part yet, nor has Russell read the script, but meetings are expected to take place soon.” So, nothing set in stone, but putting it out there like this definitely makes it more real than the other actor they were rumored to be pursuing, Matthew McConaughey.

I’d watch Kurt Russell read the screenplay of Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, so if this is true, hallelujah. I’d love to see him bounce off of Chris Pratt, especially since Star-Lord is like a dorkier Jack Burton. But even more fun will be Michael Rooker v Kurt Russell: Dawn of Badasses.

Marvel’s trying to up their star profile with these new movies. Doctor Strange‘s cast is almost unbelievable, and it makes sense that one of their biggest movie properties would follow suit. Here’s hoping this turns out to be the real McCoy.

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