g.i. joe toys

While I found G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra to be something of a perfect toy movie, its sequel has almost completely left my brain. I remember a motorcycle turning into missiles. That’s it. Still, in our current blockbuster landscape, some over-the-top dumb toy movies (that aren’t Transformers) don’t sound half bad. Looks like Hasbro feels the same way.

According to THR, Hasbro is getting into the shared universe game by tying in their G.I. Joe films with M.A.S.K.Micronauts (I know one CHUD commenter who is happy to hear that!), Visionaries, and ROM (of spaceknight fame).

Now, I gotta admit something that may decrease my cred around these parts: I don’t have any connection to any of these properties. I certainly recognize them, but none of them were cartoons I watched or had much knowledge about during my childhood. Sadly, I’m mostly familiar with them thanks to the copious parodies of ’80s cartoons on shows like Robot Chicken. So, I’m not really bummed or excited about this news. I’m definitely interested by some of the concepts in these shows, but nothing approaching fanboy glee that some ’80s kids might feel.

Still, if any of these flicks can be as brain-meltingly fun as The Rise of Cobra was, I’m in. Most of our spectacle cinema these days is built around toys anyway (I know we’re all excited for Star Wars, but don’t deny the truth), so let them have their fun. Call me when the Street Sharks movie or a live-action Darkwing Duck television show gets a greenlight.

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