I wish I was more of a Harry Potter dork (I got no beef with that property, but also no drive to revisit it) so that I could point out a whole bunch of minutiae in this first peek at the spinoff¬†Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but I’ve been assured by fellow Chewer Travis Newton (who is mad down with the HP) that there isn’t much here beyond, “Hello! This is a movie that’s happening! Theme park ride to be announced soon!” I guess it’s early enough that fans of the franchise will go gaga for even the tiniest of reveals, but I’ll leave it to you good readers to discuss your gaga levels in the comments.

There is one thing I loved about this trailer, but it wasn’t Warner Bros intention for me to love it: the last line spoken in the trailer is, “Mister Scamander!” Unless you know that’s a person or know that that’s what’s being said, the last line of this trailer sounds like utter gobbledygook. I giggled like a dummy when it was spoken. I’m hoping the movie (if I see it) doesn’t illicit the same response.

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