That might be one of my favorite trailers of the year, right there. Director Ben Wheatley looks to be in top form here. After his down-and-dirty (and bloody brilliant) A Field In England, the clean gloss and rich lighting of High-Rise looks like a crazy new playground for his style. There’s a lot here that reminds me of Fincher, with the calculated motion-contolled camera moves and black shadows. I love it.

The cast is great, too: Tom Hiddleston (I’ll watch him in just about anything right now), Jeremy Irons, Elisabeth Moss, and Luke Evans fill out the top billing. The critical reaction to the film has been mixed, but small, divisive films from talented directors are a treat.

Directed by Ben Wheatley and adapted by Amy Jump from J.G. Ballard’s novel, High-Rise will come out in the UK next March, with a US release to follow sometime later next year. Oh, and for those of you who really enjoyed Hiddleston’s voiceover in this trailer, he recorded a new reading of Ballard’s novel, available right here.