Spider-Man Japanese

Marvel making a deal with Sony so that they can use the wall-crawler in Captain America: What’s So Civil About War Anyway? is a smart move and will probably benefit everyone. Still, Sony does maintain some level of control over Spidey’s screen iteration, and this little bit of news reaffirms that.

Heroic Hollywood states that Captain America: Ken Burns’ Civil War will be or already has been screened for Sony executives. Why? They’ve got to OK Spidey’s use in the film. This is probably one of the reasons why we haven’t gotten a whiff of his presence yet in the marketing, but if I’m being honest, I’d love for him to be a total surprise in the theater. Knowing the pervasive nature of Marvel marketing, I’m sure he’ll be terribly Photoshopped onto a cluttered poster.

This does mean that Sony will be able to make notes and changes if they so desire, and don’t think there isn’t any time for them to do this. There’s still five months before the movie comes out, and Marvel always schedules reshoots closer to the release. Sony could still boondoggle our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The question is: will they? It’s obvious Sony made this deal with Marvel out of utter desperation, and they’d be right to leave Marvel to their own machinations. Considering Sony will get another shot at screwing up a solo Spidey effort, it seems prudent to let Marvel’s introduction of the character go as smoothly as possible. This is Sony we’re talking about, so I wouldn’t put it past them to stick their fingers into Spidey’s pie. …Oh God, that probably just spawned some Rule 34 art.

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