2015 has just been brutal to genre fans. Today brings us another bit of bummer news: Robert Loggia has passed away. He was 85 years old so the guy had a good run, but it’s still a downer to think that his trademark raspy voice won’t be heard in anything new.

It’s tough to nail down all the great performances Loggia logged in (or Loggia-ed in), especially when his IMDb page lists over 220 credits to his name. The ones that pop up that he’s “Known For” are pretty good: ScarfaceIndependence Day, Big, and was even was an honorary Disney villain in Oliver & Company. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the paperback mystery/courtroom drama Jagged Edge Loggia got his start way back in 1951 (!) and appeared on countless TV shows including the underappreciated One Step Beyond (an anthology TV show of bizarre tales that premiered months before The Twilight Zone), classic westerns such as Rawhide and Gunsmoke, both incarnations of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and gave a memorable turn as Feech La Manna in HBO’s The Sopranos. As far as CHUD-ier fare goes, I can personally recommend giving him a watch in films like The Ninth ConfigurationPsycho II, Innocent Blood, and Lost Highway.

Here’s hoping that Loggia is singing with the angels or playing cards with the devil. Either way, his fantastic voice will be heard throughout eternity.

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