If you are someone who can’t stand a writer with very specific idiosyncrasies, then Shane Black is not for you. If you are someone who adores Shane Black and his particular fascinations (*hand rapidly shoots up into the air*), then this red band trailer for The Nice Guys is going to make your day.

Jesus, this looks like an absolute blast. Sure, I can see a lot of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in this thing, but like I said before, I don’t mind Black being repetitious when he’s so goddamn entertaining (those scenes in the bathroom and the elevator alone are absolute gold). Throw in the lush ’70s setting and I’m beyond sold. Crowe and Gosling look like a great pairing, and I’m thrilled to discover how much gleeful violence this movie is going to throw at me.

And if you were worried that Christmas wasn’t going to show up in this thing, there’s a tree behind Crowe in the last little bit of the trailer. That’s a Shane Black bingo.

The Nice Guys will probably occupy a spot on my “Top Films of 2016” list when it comes out MAy 20, 2016. Have a poster while you’re at it (click to embiggen).

the-nice-guys poster

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