The marketing machine for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been all Sturm und Drang up until now. This new trailer feels fun. The simmering contempt between Clark and Bruce, Lex’s hyperactive villainy, an absolutely comic book crazy Doomsday (DOOMSDAY!), giving Wonder Woman the biggest win of the trailer (to be fair, that moment feels like the “Hulk saving Iron Man” bit from The Avengers trailer. Would have liked to have experienced that fresh in theaters), and just seeing DC’s holy trinity all together on the big screen. Consider me officially excited for this film as far as enjoying the grandeur of it all.

I will admit that Doomsday is looking a little bit TrankThing-y, but I kind of appreciate this movie not being afraid of some comic book doofery. It also looks like Doomsday is going to be an experiment of Lex’s, so it also makes him something of a Bizarro stand-in.

This is the operatic gaudiness I wanted from this film. We’ll have plenty of solo Bat-outings to get all grim and serious. For now, this looks like a great superhero showdown in terms of pure spectacle. Let’s hope the story matches up to it.

Batman v Superman kicks off the DCCU (do we have an official initialism for this yet?) on March 25.

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