Other than the most cursory of information, I know dick-all about Black Panther. His name is T’Challa (right?) and he’s the prince (king?) of the awesomely advanced African city of Wakanda. He also dresses up in a costume and fights bad guys. I assume that last part because he’s a superhero.

But after that trailer for Captain America: Civil War and these pictures from EW, I’m getting very interested in learning more about this cat (tee hee).



This guy looks cool. He’s got a great design and I love his (retractable!) vibranium claws. You know those things are gonna scratch up Cap’s shield a bit. Chadwick Boseman, the actor underneath the badassery, had some interesting stuff to say about Black Panther’s role in the upcoming superhero showdown:

“He’s someone who hasn’t necessarily made up his mind about either side and whose agenda isn’t exactly what Cap’s agenda or what Tony’s agenda is. And I think that brings him into conflict weirdly with both characters at different times in the film. He is the prince of an African nation that has so far stayed very much sort of in the shadows. And eventually the film will draw him and his father out of the shadows.”

Seeing as how Black Panther won’t get his own movie (appropriately titled Black Panther) until almost two years after Captain America: Civil War, I’m hoping we’ll see a good amount of him in this flick. He seems like a very different character for the MCU to handle (or maybe handle better. Thor’s whole royal intrigue stuff has never played well), and i’m just smitten with how surface awesome this guy is.

Captain America: Civil War probably makes me hide my DC fan club card in shame on May 6.

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