I need to take a moment here to thank Paul Dini. Batman: The Animated Series is my Batman now and forever, and Dini’s contribution to that show (and eventually all of Batman lore) is indisputable. The episodes “Heart of Ice” and “Joker’s Favor” alone forever changed Batman and his roster of characters, and Dini has always been an outspoken and intelligent fan of comics and their fictional inhabitants. He’s shaped my life as someone who appreciates how great superhero comics (particularly Batman) have the potential to be.

Dini is releasing a graphic novel in June 2016 that has me immensely intrigued. Dark Night: A True Batman Story is an autobiographical account about Dini’s attack and recovery from a mugging that left parts of his skull shattered. In the novel, Batman and the Joker play the angel and devil on his shoulder, berating him or indulging in his darker thoughts. It sounds like a fantastic setup for a story, and the personal nature of the tale reminds me a lot of Steven T. Seagle’s excellent It’s A Bird… graphic novel (which you should pick up here). The art on the book will be handled by Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets) and judging by this cover, it’ll be some pretty heavy stuff:

dark night cover

I don’t flaunt my intense Batman fandom very much (especially since I don’t relate to a lot of post-Nolan fans), but this sounds like something I’ll definitely be picking up. I owe Dini at least that much.

Source: THR

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