Look, I know we all hate these teasers for trailers. I know. They are commercials for commercials, I get it. I don’t like them either. But, since this is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Franchise, I know this will get some people talking. Especially when this tease is… actually good?

Most of these teasers are usually chopped together scenes from the middle of the trailer, but this is obviously just the intro, and I kind of dig it. It’s from a sequence we saw in the Comic-Con trailer, and most people see this as a nightmare scenario for Batman. If this isn’t a dream, it seems really bizarre. Is Superman being mind-controlled? Has he actually gone power mad and commands a legion of militarized soldiers who worship him? I don’t think so. I think this is some kind of apocalyptic vision of Batman’s and I like it. I like that we will get to see Batman’s dreams. He is a paranoid nut and I’m glad his subconscious reflects that.

And there’s something kind of goofy about this. The super-serious tone of the thing (as well as Hentry Cavill’s delightful scowl. How many hours did he spend in front of the mirror perfecting that?) makes it feel like the best kind of melodramatic comic book stuff that no one likes to admit to enjoying. I’m all for some operatic silliness, and Batman v Superman: The Best Court Case Ever looks like it might deliver on that.

We’ll know a little more come Wednesday, unless we get a teaser for the next teaser before then.

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