I was having a conversation the other day about breakfast cereals (a topic which I have devoted far too much of my life discussing), and I decided to go hunting for some old cereal commercials. During my digital travels, I stumbled upon this little piece of horror history:

What a bizarrely magic time the year 1990 was. You could sell a cereal to an older generation by using a cross-dressing murderer with multiple personalities as your mascot. Seeing as this was around the same time that Psycho IV: The Beginning was being released, I wonder if this was some twisted brand tie-in of some sort? Was it part of Perkins’ contract that he had to show up in this commercial? The questions are never-ending. I can’t help but imagine the rotting corpse in the cellar as Norman pleasurably munches on his Oatmeal Raisin Crisp. I especially love the part where he opens the drawer and almost goes to grab the knife before deciding on a spoon. This feels like something that would exist on one of the interdimensional cable episodes of Rick and Morty.

Still, at least these thirty seconds are more enjoyable than the entirety of A&E’s Bates Motel show.

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