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México Barbaro is anthology film featuring eight horrific short films directed by some of the country’s top horror directors. Each story includes disturbing themes and some are shockingly gruesome. Supernatural ghost stories, tales of terror and revenge and folktales of demonic possession and unnatural occurrences are all brought together. Many of the films contain graphic elements that shine a light on just how brutal and intense Mexican horror and folklore can get.

This film was way more gruesome than I was expecting. Some of the short stories really dig into body horror and the folklore behind the supernatural tales comes from the kind of disturbing campfire tales that make you stay awake at night. A couple of the films in the anthology reach for extreme shock to the point of absurdity, and one in particular gets very sexually graphic, but overall the tone stays consistent with being a good blend of horror and chills.

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México Barbaro features human sacrafice, ghosts, monsters, demons, murderers and killer strippers out for revenge. It’s an intense watch, but it definitely has something to offer horror fans across the board. Each director brings their best to their films and the gallery of talent on display highlights many great acting performances. The gore effects on display can be excellent at times, and the whole package winds up being a great gateway into the realm of Mexican horror.

Hawkins’ Rating:

Out of a Possible 5 Stars

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