There it is, folks.

A whole lot to unpack in this thing, and while I’m not the kind of person to meticulously analyze every frame of this for new information, some stuff definitely deserves discussion.

Firstly, I like how the focus is still on our new characters. Rey, Finn, and the mysterious Kylo Ren are at the forefront and I am becoming more and more excited to meet them.

The big takeaway from this for me is Oscar Isaac’s character, Poe Dameron. He is definitely getting some dark side torture going on. Has he been mentally subjugated by Kylo Ren to be some sort of double agent? That interaction between Poe and Finn now carries with it an air of uncertainty.

Also, we get some confirmation about Kylo Ren and his obsession with Darth Vader (and there’s that inescapable JJ Abrams lens flare), leading more creedence to the theory that Kylo Ren is a descendant of Anakin.

And we still only have that one shot of Luke. This leads me to believe that Abrams has tucked him away in the mystery box for a very, very important reason. Considering that the kick off to this whole adventure has to do with hunting down Luke’s (Anakin’s) original lightsaber, I have to believe the son of Skywalker is going to come into play much later in the film and in a big way.

We’ve also got a look at some big space battles and a more CGI-ed version of hyperspace. Doesn’t look too bad, but I’ll reserve full judgment for when my butt is in the theater on December 17.

For those of you not going to the late night showing, Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 18.

Overanalyze and hypothesize in the comments.

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