The Diabolical is the new haunted house, horror-thriller from first time film director Alistair Legrand. The movie surrounds supernatural and horrific events that take place in the home of a single mother played by Ali Larter. As the main character Madison and her two children are terrorized by what appear to be evil spirits, things begin to occur that reveal what is truly going on behind the scenes and what is really causing these nightmarish hauntings. We spoke with Ali Larter about her role and what it was like to be a part of The Diabolical.

When a single mother (Ali Larter) and her two young children are tormented by an increasingly strange and intense presence in their quiet suburban home, she turns to her scientist boyfriend to take on the violent forces that paranormal experts are too frightened to face.


How did you become a part of this film?

Ali Larter: The script came to me and I actually thought it was something really special. I love the humanity that Alistair brought to the script and it’s definitely not your typical horror movie. Really the heart of it is the story of this family and the struggle that they’re going through and this mother who’s trying to take care of her children against all odds. And it’s the backdrop of all these extraordinary things that are happening to them that make her question herself, and it’s that self doubt and that desire to overcome I thought was a really interesting place for the character.

How was it exploring the themes of psychological horror and mystery in this?

AL: It was really interesting because that’s kind of the beauty of this story with the backdrop of all that happens with technology taking over and what could happen in 20 years and all the clues along the way that lead us there. I thought that was a really interesting thing to think about and really relevant, and what this mother is going through with her children. Her son is so sweet but he’s exhibiting this aggressive behavior, so a social worker comes to the house. What do you do when people don’t believe you and how do you figure things out; that was enticing.

Did you have a good relationship with your co-stars?

AL: Yeah. I got a chance to spend some time with the kids before we started working and we had such a great connection; we baked cookies, they went swimming in my pool and we hung out out with my son. That’s the whole thing about making these movies, you wanna create that connection because it is about the relationship; if you don’t believe those, you’re not going to go on the ride with us. I thought thew were incredible and they did a really good job.

Are you a fan of supernatural films and horror?

AL: I enjoy all different kinds of cinema. I love comedy, I love drama. For me it’s about where I connect with the characters and that’s what helps me decide what projects I’m gonna work on, and also what movies I’m going to see. It all depends on the script for me. I don’t choose my projects through genre, I choose them for character.

What are your thoughts on your career so far?

AL: I just feel really lucky that I still get to express myself creatively as an actress, I love this medium. I love to fall into different characters and explore why people do the things they do. It’s always been incredibly fascinating to me. I love the process of making movies and I’m also excited now with how the business is changing and how there’s space now to do whatever your passion is. There’s no boxes you can put people in anymore, there no one thing you can be. We’re all so multifaceted and have so many different interests, and I’m at a place in my career where I’m getting the opportunity to explore all of them and it’s just an incredible gift.

Are you looking forward to any upcoming projects?

AL: Yeah, it’s funny. I feel like careers go through different incarnations and I’m kind of about to start the next one and it’s really exciting. The roles now are becoming a different level for me with the things I have to say and the experiences I’ve had in my life. The characters for me are just becoming more interesting and I don’t feel in any way as a woman that things are limited. I feel like there are more roles than ever and luckily there’s so much demand for me to be in those roles. I just feel right now as a mom of two young children and getting a chance to make these movies and having the fans reach out and tell me how excited they are, it means the world to me.

The Diabolical will be released this Friday in select theaters and on VOD an iTunes.