They loved it at TIFF. They loved it at Fantastic Fest. And we at CHUD want so badly to love it, too.

But we’re not going to get our chance for another six goddamn months.

A24’s release plan for Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room will usher the film into US theaters on April 1, with expansions planned for the 8th and 15th. And get this: the 15th will be a nationwide expansion. That’s a victory for Saulnier, the film, and for us. From what I’m reading, the film is shockingly violent and nasty, with loads of gore. Anton Yelchin and Alia Shawkat play members of a desperately broke punk band who book a gig at a skinhead bar run by neo-nazis (Patrick Stewart, Macon Blair). When the band witness a horrific murder, they must fight to survive a horrifying assault by neo-nazi thugs.

Sounds like a hell of a time at the movies to me.

Source: TheWrap