“I ain’t afraid to die no more. I done it already.”

That’s a line so great that you write a whole movie around it.

Man, Iñárritu’s follow up to Birdman looks like it’s fighting tooth and nail to get him another Oscar. You’ve got DiCaprio grumbling his way into excellence, a gorgeous landscape, and what looks to be one hell of a brutal story. I’m not so crazy about some of the “close up with a wide-angle lens” stuff, but it definitely makes the movie looks like nothing else out on the market, especially in its respective genre.

I just wish they didn’t have to lean on the “Inspired by True Events” line. I know that’s technically true, but after untold years of dealing with that crap on horror movie posters, I’m kind of sick of seeing it. Just credit the novel and move on. I know supposed true stories sell better with the public (especially when Oscar time comes around), but I don’t treat anything I see in a fictionalized movie as fact.

The Revenant gifts itself to some of you on Christmas later this year. The rest of us get to bask in it on January 8th.

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