A lot of people are pumped forĀ Black Mass, and they have good reason to be. Not only is this new trailer really good, but it looks like everyone is praying to the movie gods that this redeems Johnny Depp for his descent into dumbassery. While I have the same hopes, I can’t get over how Depp looks as James “Whitey” Bulger. As the title of this article states, I can’t help but see a White Walker whenever Depp is on screen thanks to those contacts and his slicked back hair. I’m sure I’ll get over that by the time the film comes out. At least, I hope I will.

But, if that remains too distracting, I can always marvel at the enormous cast this film has assembled. I’m pleased as punch to see people like Jesse Plemons and Corey Stoll getting more and more recognition, and if you want to sweeten the meal with some bacon of the Kevin variety, I’m all for that. Plus, I’m a sucker for mob movies, so there’s no doubt that I’ll be giving this a watch.

Black Mass shoots you to death in your car on September 18.

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