Even though he broke my heart when he departed his adaptation of It, I still remain loyal to Cary Fukunaga. The guy is a director we all need to be keeping an eye on, because I get the feeling that True Detective won’t be the only masterstroke Fukunaga leaves behind.

Will Beasts of No Nation be that masterstroke? Hard to tell at this point, but it certainly looks as uncompromising as Fukunaga’s other works. Having your first teaser primarily be a single scene in which a child soldier is told to murder a man gets across the idea that this isn’t going to be Bedknobs and Broomsticks. This film is going to some harsh places, both geographically and philosophically. I’m betting that this turns a lot of people off, but since Apocalypse Now is one of my favorite films, I know I’m ready to get my soul crushed.

Beasts of No Nation lands in select theaters and on Netflix on October 16. Gird your loins accordingly.

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