Jurassic World has made about a gazillion dollars already, therefore everyone knew it wouldn’t take another fourteen years until we’d get a sequel. And there it is. Universal has announced that Jurassic World 2 will open in June 2018. Both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are slated to return, Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow will again provide the script, and Trevorrow will at least stay on as a producer. Maybe even as director, he wasn’t sure about that yet.

Having directed the third highest-grossing movie of all time probably comes in handy during salary negotations.

So, where does it go from here? Did they return to the island and trap all of the dinosaurs? It’s rather unlikely to think that they’ll just continue on with business as usual. Hundreds of lawsuits are going to rain down on them, and now there’ll probably never be another official attempt to have a zoo with dinosaurs. Actually, Howard’s character should be held responsible for a lot of it, but thanks to movie magic she’ll probably get away with it.

Here’s what I think will happen. As we saw evil Dr. Wu leave in time with his most important formulas, he’ll probably continue sciencing the shit out of dinosaurs, like a modern day Dr. Moreau (complete with a piano playing Mini-Wu). People will get eaten, and in order to stop them, the government will ask Pratt’s Owen Grady and Howard’s Claire for help. There’ll probably be a visit to Jurassic World to recover something they need, and we’ll most certainly see Raptor Blue one more time. Prediction: producers Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg will throw piles of money at both Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum, hoping they’ll be lured back. They should be.

Hopefully they don’t use that human/dinosaur hybrid idea they once toyed with…