holliston cast photo

I adore Holliston. The horror-themed sitcom spoof is so tailor-made for me that I can understand how some people might find it inaccessible or even insufferable. Oh well, more Holliston for me! The show seemed doomed to the dustbin after the one-two punch of its network FEARnet shutting down and the untimely death of Gwar vocalist and cast member Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie. But, because the universe has to occasionally prove that good still triumphs over the forces of evil, Holliston is rising from the grave next summer.

EW reports that the new season will air on the GeekNation digital network, which is also the home of The Movie Crypt, the excellent podcast hosted by Adam Green (creator, writer, showrunner, and lead cast member of Holliston) and Joe Lynch (that other guy on Holliston). All the main cast members are returning, including Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider.

Green and Lynch are both incredibly affable and relatable guys, and it’s that heart in the middle of all the horror shenanigans that powers Holliston. It doesn’t hurt that both guys are really good filmmakers (if you haven’t seen Lynch’s Everly yet, it’s more than worth a watch. And as far as I’m concerned, the only Frozen that exists involves a ski lift and not silly snowmen with a subpar soundtrack) and infuse that passion and intelligence into their show while also paying lots of love to the genre they call home.

If you haven’t watched Holliston and you’re a die-hard horror fan, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s like a good version of The Big Bang Theory for people who have stood in line to get a picture with Ken Foree or Reggie Bannister (*proudly raises hand*). And for someone like me who hates multi-cam sitcoms and laughtracks, Holliston acutely addresses these trappings with a wonderful sense of self-deprecation.

I’ll leave you with an inspirational scene from the show that perfectly sums up today’s joyous piece of news. Never give up.

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