Yowza. What a trailer! Tense, foreboding, and delightful to look at. This feels closer to a horror movie. Wait, there’s already a horror movie called The Revenant? Oh well.

I wasn’t as big of a fan of Birdman as everyone else, but it was impossible to deny the craftsmanship behind the movie. It looks like Iñárritu is bringing that same level of visual splendor (complete with long takes and a free-floating camera) to a filthy revenge tale. The Revenant looks disgustingly gorgeous, and even if the film’s story or characters end up failing, this is going to be a movie worth seeing just to stare at it.

But I don’t think that will be the case. DiCaprio is making another Oscar bid with one, and he’s shown that he’s evolved into one of our greatest living actors. Tom Hardy seems to show up in everything now, but he’s equally as dependable. And as far as the story is concerned (a man is left for dead by his compatriots, and on his journey back to his family decides to get some revengeancing in), I’m an easy sell when it comes to Western revenge movies. Knowing Iñárritu, we’re probably in for some existential quandaries to go along with the bloodshed.

The Revenant claws its way out of the dirt on Christmas.

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