I wish Fox would have led with a trailer like this. As the only person on the Internet who is genuinely excited to see this, I bet I would have had more people on my side at the beginning if the first trailer hadn’t been so dour. This looks like it’s got a great grasp of its tone, a cool sci-fi story, and feels way more assured than anything we’ve seen before.

Doctor Doom still looks silly, but Doctor Doom is a silly looking character! I’m unable to deny the natural charisma that Michael B. Jordan (who has become my favorite Michael Jordan), and afer being blown away by Whiplash, I’m more than ready to see Miles Teller in anything. Plus, his stretchy powers look awesomely goofy! When he punches Doom in the chest? That’s a delicious slice of fried cheese. Kate Mara and Jamie Bell still need to stand out more than they have, but I’m digging their respective superpowers. The Thing throws a tank! I don’t want to live in a world where I’m numb to tanks being thrown.

Fantastic Four becomes the victim of preconceived notions on August 7.

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