Thanks solely to my intrepid musings about Comic-Con exclusive footage, you can now view the Suicide Squad trailer:

You’re welcome.

In all seriousness, this looks nuts. I can’t see people making the argument about sameyness that the Marvel movies often get. This has David Ayer written all over it. I hope other DC directors are able to put such a distinctive stamp on their films, because Suicide Squad is definitely accomplishing that.

Jai Courtney aside, everyone in this looks great! I can’t believe I’m actually on board with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, but she gets a laugh in. I’m guessing her and Will Smith’s Deadshot are going to juggle for the protagonist spot.

The scene with people dressed up as pandas and a cartoon Batman mask? Amazing. I like that this looks like a small movie embracing its smallness. The most bombastic thing we see are some helicopters shooting at stuff, but otherwise this looks like a down and dirty action flick.

And of course, we can’t avoid talking about Jared Leto. I don’t dig his David Ayer-ization visually, but I’m learning to not hate it. It fits with this world we’re seeing. I can’t imagine he’s going for anything dramatic, so if we get a Cesar Romero-meets-Marilyn Manson take out of him, I’m cool with that. That grill though.

Still, I can’t believe I’m more excited about a Suicide Squad movie than a showdown between Batman and Superman. With this, the upcoming Ant-Man, and Deadpool (which Fox is still holding back on. I’ll do what I can on that front), I think it could be a sign of filmmakers starting to use minor heroes and villains to do more unique stuff and take risks. Removed of their comic book origins, these all look like fun films.

Suicide Squad now has me anticipating August 5, 2016.

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