love the horror anthology. It always conjures up the image of people sitting around a campfire and telling spooky stories, trying so hard to out-scare each other. Some aren’t as good as others, but you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy.

So I’m pretty in the bag for Tales of Halloween. There’s a murderer’s row of talent involved, and it looks to be a lower budget spin on Trick ‘r Treat (from this trailer, it looks like all of these stories take place in the same town). I’m sure we’ll get a variety of tones (the kid getting attacked by a jack-o’-lantern? Yeah, I’m not thinking they went for “scary” on that one) and hopefully a few standout entries. Our chances are certainly great since there are ten (!) stories in Tales of Halloween. At least one of those has to knock it out of the park (my money’s on the Neil Marshall one).

I’ll always be bummed that John Carpenter’s idea for the Halloween franchise never took off: each film starting with III would be a different story that took place on Halloween. If we can’t live in that universe, then a universe that has Tales of Halloween looks like it will do for now.

Thanks to Chewer Christian Macauley for the heads-up on this one!

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