Via Mr. Feig’s Twitter:


Besides a few minor tweaks to the costumes and car (I do love that it’s a hearse), this looks extremely recognizable as Ghostbusters. No complaints when it comes to the look of thing, though I’m sure somebody is going to complain that they didn’t make it different enough. And if they did, they’d be complaining about it being too different. I’m on board when it comes to the main cast, but seeing where the story goes is going to be the real deal-breaker for me.

My biggest hope for this movie is that they don’t skimp on the horror elements. If they really embrace that aspect of the property, I’ll be thoroughly pleased. We don’t get bigger budgeted horror-comedies as often as we seemed to in the 80s, and I’d love for this move to deliver us an equal amount of laughs and cool monsters.

I’m sure plenty of people will continue to bemoan this project’s existence, and I get it. Aside from your childhood attachments which mean nothing (except to the film studios’ bank accounts), Ghostbusters is a perfect film. Having to stand up to that is going to be an impossible task. The best we can hope for is that this new incarnation of Ghostbusters works well on its own merits, and try our utmost not to compare it to a genre-blending classic. Otherwise, it’s already as toasted as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

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