James Horner died yesterday when his private plane crashed outside of Santa Monica, CA.

It’s impossible to argue with the immense and inspirational legacy that Horner leaves behind. Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanBraveheartTitanicAliensApollo 13Glory, and almost a hundred and sixty other credits as a composer.

But, because this is CHUD, I’d like to do something that a lot of other sites probably won’t cover: James Horner’s lesser appreciated genre fare. A CHUD essential would be his work on the 1980 trash classic, Humanoids from the Deep.

Or for some more Corman-era goodness, how about the end title music from Battle Beyond the Stars?

Only James Horner could make steel drums and a wailing sax badass in the opening titles for the Schwarzenegger B-movie classic, Commando.

Besides the iconic glaive, this main title music is probably the best thing from Krull.

And I don’t care what any of y’all say, I’m breaking the criteria of this article and going out on some music that always gives me chills and bittersweet memories: “The Great Migration” from The Land Before Time.

Go watch a movie that has your favorite James Horner score today. I might be watching a few. If you can’t, please tell us your favorite pieces from his amazing career in the comments or on the forums.

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