Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension 3D is the upcoming fifth (or seventh, in case you do count in the two spin-offs Tokyo Nights and The Marked Ones) entry in the gimmicky found footage franchise, and in order to drum up some interest for that, they are now promising it’ll be the last entry.

Finally, they’re going to show you what their invisible poltergeist Toby looks like in human form, and producer Jason Blum says their final movie will answer any open questions. Check out the official YouTube channel for a trailer teaser, and later today, the full trailer.

Obvious question: Why explain everything? Creator and producer Oren Peli argues because “people are curious”. But isn’t that a value? Isn’t it good to have caused that kind of curiosity? I mean, it’s not like the Paranormal Activity series will go down in movie history as a good one, only as an immensely profitable and influencing one (thanks for inspiring Chernobyl Diaries, The Devil Inside, Grave Encounters, Apollo 18, Atrocious, The Pyramid, As Above So Below, Into the Storm, Devil’s Pass, and of course, A Haunted House Part 1 and 2), but no horror movie series ever gained anything from explaining all of its secrets and origins.

Unless they’ve secretly cast David Cross as Toby Fünke, retconning it as an Arrested Development movie franchise. That would be a pleasant surprise.


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