As I write this, I have season 3 episode 1 of The X-Files (“The Blessing Way”, part two of a three part story arc) paused in my DVD player. I have an “I Want to Believe” t-shirt hanging in my closet. Here’s a photo of a sandwich I ordered at the deli with the name Fox Mulder on it (I’ve also gone by John Wick), and a nice little note from someone in the deli (note my X-Files box set not so cleverly hidden in the background):

x-files sub

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I am an X-Files dork. So, the picture below of Scully and Mulder… er, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in front of the cameras (with what I assume is Chris Carter’s noggin in the foreground) might not be the biggest thing in the world to a lot of you, but for me it is proof that I actually have more X-Files episodes to look forward to in the future.

x-files new season set

Gillian Anderson has managed to look even more gorgeous and authoritative as time has gone on, and David Duchovny is looking chill as can be. These look like characters they have no problem comfortably slipping back into, and when January rolls around, we’ll all be able to see Scully and Mulder searching for the truth once again.

Time to un-pause my DVD and get back to it.

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