If there’s any summer movie I’m not looking forward to, it’s Terminator Genisys. I know that’s not the most radical opinion out there, but bad marketing (read: overly revealing marketing) and a general disinterest in the franchise has set my expectations lower than Arnold’s body fat percentage.

So seeing James Cameron sit down with Yahoo and shower praise upon the film is at best interesting, and at worst it’s more PR control lobbed at a movie that makes Nemesis 2 look like Nemesis. Besides, James Cameron isn’t the James Cameron who James Cameron’ed the first two Terminator movies. He’s perfectly content to spend the rest of his career making Dances with Wolves/FernGully: The Last Rainforest cartoons that occasionally feature flesh and blood humans (with the exception of Sam Worthington, who is an actual android. Why else do you thing they cast him in Terminator Salvation?), so I’m not buying his appraisal of this flick. If he actually gets around to making Battle Angel Alita, then maybe I’ll buy what he’s selling.

However, I will say that CGI Arnold is looking much, much better. You know who isn’t looking so good? De-CGI-ed Bill Paxton. When did he turn into Diet Billie Joe Armstrong?

Terminator Genisys drops the retcon bomb on July 1.

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