You already know I’m stoked for more X-Files, but today’s piece of possible news might just put me over the edge into rabid fanboy territory.

Bloody Disgusting reports that one of the new episodes is titled “Home Again.” That conjures up memories of one of the undisputed great X-Files episodes, “Home.” I won’t discuss that episode’s plot for the uninitiated, but trust me when I say it’s fantastic. Is it possible The X-Files will do what it did with Eugene Victor Tooms and Donnie Pfaster and give us a follow up episode to a non-mythology focused story?

This theory is backed by the presence of Glen Morgan, the co-writer of the original episode, who is writing and directing “Home Again.”

It’s good to know that the show is attempting some strong standalone episodes instead of being strictly mythology based. And using the notoriety of one of its most infamous episodes (the only one to be rated TV-MA and also re-edited for rebroadcast) is a good way to get buzz going.

January 24, 2016. Mark your calendars, X-Philes. I’ll be taping an X in my window on that day.

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