With a new season of The X-Files less than a year away (which I am enormously excited for) and the promise of eighteen (!) new episodes of Twin Peaks all directed by David Lynch, it’s a good time to be a show that was once thought to be over. Today, we have tidbits on three such shows. Some I’ve seen and some I haven’t. It’s up to you to figure out which is which in today’s THUD roundup.


Arrested Development: The cult show that rose from the Fox cemetery and decided to make Netflix its new haunting grounds had what I’d call a weak resurrection. Maybe not so much in the new season’s quality but in the conversation it didn’t create. Everyone was so excited that Arrested Development was returning (and it was one of the first of this new batch of television revenants), but once it appeared it seemed to fade back into the ether just as quickly.

Still, producer Brian Grazer has said that Netflix wants more episodes, and Netflix gets what Netflix wants. Speaking on Adam Carolla’s podcast, Grazer said that production would start at the beginning of next year and the new season would debut about four months later.

It was already a hassle to get around the enormous cast’s scheduling issues, and I can’t see a second go-around being any easier. Plus, I’m having trouble performing a total recall on last season’s stories (except for the Buster episode which was wonderfully dark), so I hope Mitch Hurwitz and team have something really memorable up their sleeves. I know people really love this show so I wish it the best. (insert referential joke here)


Community: I was so into Community. It seemed like a show tailor-made for my sensibilities. I’ll still stick by those first three seasons (mostly the tail end of season one through season three), but I dropped off after the fifth season when Dan Harmon returned and I didn’t feel anything for those characters anymore. The show has mutated so much over the course of its lifespan that it now resembles Martin Brundle’s favorite pet.

Recently, it took up home at no one’s favorite web presence Yahoo (I refuse to add an exclamation mark. Yahoo does not excite me) and completed its sixth season. The show (in)famously chanted “six seasons and a movie” as its battle cry (which was born out of a joke referring to NBC’s The Cape. Remember that? Keith David tries not to), and with this last season in the can, will this self-fulfilling prophecy come to light?

Yahoo put out a press release that left the door open to more Community, and creator Dan Harmon has vowed to “delete his Twitter app and take a couple weeks off the internet and no interviews,” so things are probably in a tentative state right now.

I can say that I’ll be deeply interested to read the uncensored account of the show’s history once it’s finally been put to rest. The story of Community has become far more compelling than Community itself.

prison break cast

Prison Break: The show where Captain Cold and Heat Wave break out of prison has always been one of those other great Fox shows that everyone can’t seem to let go of (full disclosure: I am over Firefly and the love for that show. It’s a good show, but Jesus people move on), and the fans may just get their wish for more adventures starring the guy who wrote Stoker (my favorite movie of 2013).

Much like what Fox did with 24 and is doing with The X-FilesPrison Break would be a miniseries (I hate the term “event series”) that would feature a close-ended story line.

Boy, wasn’t Prison Break a great show? Remember when they were in the prison and then they broke out of it? Those were some good times. Good times.

That’s your TV news for today. Be sure to tune in next week when we announce the return of Cop Rock, My Mother the Car, and The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfieffer.